Everyone is wired differently.

None of our brains are the same. But the way society works can make our differences harder to navigate, particularly when we’re at work. For those of us who are neurodivergent, the world of work can be a tough place. 😔 That’s why we started Neuroinclusive Jobs. Created by neurodivergent people for the benefit of our differently-wired friends, we’re here to help you thrive at your job.

Step inside our community and you’ll find guides, advice, and information to help make your career work better for you. Get your hands on everything from tips for making the best of your strengths at work 🤩 to guidance on which employers are the most welcoming and inclusive 🤗.

Choose your membership

We all hate being sold to, so we’ll keep this simple:

We’d love to offer everything for free but as a small company, we’re not there yet (we’ve got to pay the bills to be able to build this for you 🥹)!

Our main aim is to help neurodivergent people, so there will always be content and support you can get your hands on for free. 💜 For the extra stuff, we need to charge to cover the cost of it. We’ve got three options for membership:



Join Community
  • Monthly virtual events
  • Jobs from inclusive companies
  • Recommendations for gadgets and tools
  • Mental health resource signposting
  • Stories from neurodivergent people
  • Tips on managing your condition


£22 / month (cancel anytime)

Join Today For £22
  • Personalised job matching with inclusive companies

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  • Access to chat community
  • More virtual events (with recordings)
  • Discounts on 1-to-1 coaching
  • Newsletter with early access to jobs
  • Virtual buddying and co-working
  • Partner discounts
  • More coming soon!
  • And everything in the Free plan...

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£220 £125 / year

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  • Personalised job matching with inclusive companies

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  • A free 1-to-1 coaching session
  • Access to chat community
  • More virtual events (with recordings)
  • Discounts on 1-to-1 coaching
  • Newsletter with early access to jobs
  • Virtual buddying and co-working
  • Partner discounts
  • More coming soon!
  • And everything in the Free plan...

A closer look at your membership

You'll get all this for free:

Jobs from inclusive companies:
Access to our job board, with jobs from companies that are actively looking to hire neurodivergent people. Job ads with information you care about, whether that's the application process, office environment or how feedback works.
Tools and tips:
Designed to help you understand how your brain works, why it’s different from neurotypical brains, how you can best work within your team (or by yourself), and more.
Recommendations for cool gadgets:
Tools, gadgets, and items that will make your lives easier, without you needing to research them (trust us when we say we’ve tried, and lost, almost every fidget toy on the market!)
Mental health resources:
External resources and spaces to go if you’re having a mental health crisis, or need more support.
Regular virtual events:
Run by our team and friends. These will be webinars, chats, and so on, covering topics related to finding a job and thriving at work.
Spotlight stories:
Hear from neurodivergent people in different careers, full of advice and inspiration to help you in your own journey.

But there's so much more we can offer you...

Personalised job matching:
You tell us what kind of role you’re after, what you need to succeed, and what doesn’t work for you. Then we’ll match you up with suitable positions in some great inclusive companies we’re working with.
Access to community chat:
Connect with neurodivergent people like you, share stories, ask for help, bond over special interests, and more. Works like Slack or Teams, but it lives within our community.
Discounts on 1:1 coaching:
Neurodivergent-specific help with areas including CV reviews, job applications, interview preparation, career coaching, HR and grievance advice, freelancing and much more.
Monthly virtual events:
Run by us and our friends on everything from managing your ADHD at work, to telling your boss you’ve got OCD, and overviews of the job market to improving your LinkedIn profile if you’re job hunting.
Our newsletter:
The first place we’ll share upcoming offers and juicy jobs.
Events archive:
Watch recordings of previous events at your leisure.
Virtual buddying:
Planned co-working sessions to help you get your work done.

And there's even more coming soon, including...

Our discussion forum where you can post questions and get answers from people who’ve been in your position.
Templates for useful documents (like “How to work with me” guides).
Mentoring programme:
Mentoring programme, matching neurodivergent mentors and mentees.
Company inclusivity ratings:
The ability to rate companies and recruiters you’ve worked with in the past so others can see what’s great about them.

Built by us, for you

We want to make sure we’re helping as many neurodivergent people feel happy, secure, and valued at work as possible, so we’re super open to feedback from our members. Tell us what you need from us and we’ll try to make it happen.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for membership?

Nope, you can join the community for free. Free membership gives you access to things like regular virtual events, articles about being neurodivergent at work, our recommendations for tools to make your life easier, and more.

To join our community chat, attend more regular events, get access to past recordings of events, arrange buddying to help you get your work done and more, you need to upgrade to our paid plan.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual membership?

Monthly membership is billed every month at £22 per month whereas you pay upfront for a year at £220 (or £125 if you sign up before the end of February) with annual membership. Annual membership works out cheaper per month and you also get a free coaching session with one of our team.

Do I have to be a member to book a coaching session?

Yes you do, but you can be on the free plan to browse and book coaching with the team.

Are coaching sessions included in paid membership?

Monthly members get a 50% discount on coaching sessions with our team.

Annual members get one session for free, plus 50% off any further sessions.

How do I claim my free coaching session with annual membership?

Once you've chosen your coaching session, email us and we'll send you a coupon to book it for free!

How can I pay for membership?

You can pay for your membership using any card via Stripe.

I got my membership in your winter deal - how long does it stay discounted?

Anyone buying a discounted annual membership will get the first year at a reduced price. After that, your annual membership will go up to £220.

Can I upgrade from monthly to annual?

Of course! If you upgrade within the month, that payment will go towards your annual membership. That means if you pay monthly for December then decide to upgrade before the month is through, December’s payment will go towards your annual membership (for example).

Does my membership automatically renew?

For monthly members, your membership renews automatically every month on the day you first joined. We’ll send you an email to remind you a few days before and you can cancel at any time.

Annual members renew every year, on the same day you first joined. We’ll email you to remind you in the weeks and days before. You can cancel at any time before your renewal date.

How do I cancel my membership?

Email us on team@inclusive.jobs to cancel. You can do this any time ahead of your next billing. You’ll still have access to your extra features for the duration you’ve paid for e.g. if you’ve paid for February and ask to cancel halfway through the month, we won’t charge you for March and you’ll have access to the platform until the end of February.